Hi, my name is Ithiel. I am adventurous, reliable, diligent, curious, passionate and adaptive.

I enjoy watching and playing sports like volleyball and basketball. I also enjoy reading, listening to music, travelling, cooking, dàncing and doing yoga.

I am currently in the Arts and Science program studying to get my English degree I currently take English literatura classes, history classes, women and gender studies classes, ad political science classes.

I speak two languages, my first Language is English. My second is Bamba and it is the oficial Language of my birth counry Zambia. I have  been speaking both languages my whole life although I primarily speak English now.

My skills include being a quick learner, I am a good cook, I am persistent and goal orientated, I have good time management skills, and I am organized and a good communicator.

My father’s name is Henry, my mom’s name is Mary and my sister’s name is Grace. Both of my parents live in Regina, Saskatchewan and my sister currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States for work. My father is an environmental scientist and mother is a nurse.

I currently live and grew up in a city called Regina bu go to university in Saskatoon, both cities are in the province of Saskatchewan.

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