Hello, my name is Mariam (some of the children at the school call me Mimi).

I am the English Language Assistant at Flama School for the academic year 2018-2019.

I am from London, but originally from Baghdad, Iraq. As well as English, I am fluent in Aramaic. Aramaic is the language I speak with my family members. My family consists of my mother, father and three sisters. One of my sisters is married, has two sons and lives in Canada. My other two sisters live in London with my parents.

I studied International Business at Oxford Brookes University for 3 years and graduated in August 2018. I also have an interest in Law and Philosophy, both of which I’ve studied at school.

My main passion is travelling – I have been to 19 countries, and plan on going to many more in the future. The reason I love to travel is because I am curious about the history of countries around the world, and their cultures, traditions, religions and beliefs.

My other interests are reading and hiking.

I look forward to continuing to teach English to the children at Flama School and getting to the know them better.

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